After 10 months of no communication with it’s membership, the HBPA is calling for a general membership meeting, the timing is amazing.

The simple solution to this years race meet disaster would have been for the HBPA to just say no to the ill conceived 3 day race plan. A no vote would have allowed the possibility of a formal lease of Suffolk Downs to an established racetrack operator providing local horsemen a realistic opportunity to train and race in the Commonwealth in 2015.

This last ditch effort by the HBPA to save face by calling a meeting 10 months after facts were well known to the Board, makes your input irrelevant. Such a meeting should have been called in January, to receive and consider membership input, conduct meaningful discussion and make an informed determination concerning horsemen best interests, it’s too late to ask you now,  it’s to late to consider your input !

The solutions we all seek lay with The Massachusetts Thoroughbred Horsemen’s Association,  a group of dedicated horsemen, working toward and advocating for full time racing in the Commonwealth now and for 2016, not after extended delay and not in 5 years.

Together we can advocate the best interests of horsemen and accomplish the goal of a full time race meet with an experienced operator. Call me with any questions or comments.

Thanks,  Bill Lagorio,  President