The MassTHA is now accepting nominations to the Board of Directors. Ten (10) seats will be filled within 10 days after the election results are certified. The election will be conducted in April by Paper Ballot mailed directly to the postal address on a MassTHA member’s registration card. Trainers and Owners are eligible to be seated as a Board Director on a term basis.

Non trainer/owner members remain eligible for appointment to committees established by the Board of Directors. The Election Committee Chairman will be a current board member named by the president. Owners and Trainers are eligible to be appointed to any committee by a Board Director after the election. A Vice Chairman will also be appointed. Appointments to committees may also be made at the discretion of the president and within 10 days of election results certification by the designated firm.

Committee appointees will play an important part in deliberations and decisions of the Board of Directors. Reports of the Committee Vice Chairman will be acted upon as new or old business during a regularly conducted meeting of the Board of Directors.

Associate non- trainer / owner members are eligible for committee appointment but ineligible to vote in the MassTHA elections.

Each owner/trainer nominated and meeting the requirements to be seated, will be allowed to prepare a candidate statement for publication and dissemination on the MassTHA website. The candidate profile and statement will also be included in the official ballot package and mailed to all eligible voting members.

To be an eligible voting MassTHA candidate, a signed official membership registration card shall accompany acceptance of a nomination and indicate the current trainer / owner status of the candidate.

The election committee will certify each eligible candidate prior to publishing the list of eligible candidates. The official MassTHA membership list will also be simultaneously certified prior to ballots being mailed. To be eligible as a member and vote:

  1. A member shall have forwarded their official registration card to the secretary of the election committee after January 1, 2015.    OR
  2.  A member shall have signed an official registration card during an open enrollment drive for members during  2015-2016.          OR
  3. A member shall have delivered an official registration card to the secretary of the election committee prior to March 30, 2016.     Accordingly, doubt about a members official membership status will be determined by the election secretary according to the standards above. The election committee will prepare and maintain a list of qualified eligible candidates and members based on official registration cards tendered. Upon certification of the candidate list and membership list, ballots will be prepared and mailed to the official membership list and address on the official membership registration card. Each member is encouraged to sign and date the membership renewal card enclosed in the ballot package to ensure a members vote is counted. Failure to have previously registered as a MassTHA member prior to March 30, 2016 will result in no ballot being mailed. Only ballots returned in an official election envelope will be counted.

Questions about candidate eligibility or current membership status should be directed to Bill Lagorio. A written response will be provided.

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