I Would like to thank you dear readers for the kind words and comments. They inspire me.
For those of you following or just stumbling upon this blog, please understand, much of it is driven by facts associated with Massachusetts thoroughbred racing over the last several years.

There are now two groups vying to become the recognized majority representing the interests of local horsemen. Each faction has significantly different visions for the present and future of thoroughbred racing in the commonwealth.

I was forced to re-digest the December 16, 2015 NEHBPA open letter to New England horseman several times prior to this post. As a result of the eight reading, I am able to confirm ,Yes, the HBPA is actually requesting, among other things, all former horsemen remain and new horsemen and women join this auspicious organization.
In the very next breath, the HBPA board concedes it is unable to negotiate any meaningful meet for 2016 with the principals of Suffolk/Sterling Racing.

The failure of the HBPA board to secure any meaningful sustained meet for 2016 was shrugged off, yet again and presumably in favor of their March 24, 2015 recommendations and post, (now removed), wherein it was stated ” We know it is going to be difficult for some and the possibility of losing their homes and jobs”. “We have to work together and plan for the future (horsemen helping horsemen) and show both the state and the gaming commission we are in control and can run a good meet and put on a good show” or ” another entity could apply for dates and take millions from the RHDF on us”.

Yes there will be casualties under the HBPA plan and yes, “members may loose their homes”, but in the long run, “We would rather get some dates for more money and help some folks with their horses and jobs than do nothing at all”. Yes I have a copy. With a plan like that what could possibly go wrong?

Gulp! What a tag line for a membership drive or retention program. It’s reminiscent of British revolutionary war regiments, marching in droves, only to be mowed down by the locals like tin ducks at a carnival joint. Yes, Step right up, you could be the next lucky casualty ¬†waiting out the HBPA’s long term vision of petitioning the Massachusetts State Legislature to float millions in bonds so these smooth operators can find land, develop plans, obtain financing, go over budget and sink thoroughbred racing for good.
Yes there will be casualties. I predict it will be the HBPA members and then their board, many of which will be seeking cover in that carnival joint behind the few tin ducks left standing.
I’m sorry, but featuring your intention to abandon sustained racing in 2016 for an uncertain proposal in the next millennium is no way to pack the midway, or for that matter, fill member seats at your next general membership meeting.

Apparently, the thought of simultaneously executing parallel plans never occurred to the HBPA.
Maybe the bodies of our former colleagues piled high at the only means of egress, casualties no doubt, prevent the door of logical thought from full operation.
Worry not dear reader, the MAssTHA has already implemented a plan.
Rather than morphing into a racing association, land speculator, financier and debt ridden entity, this faction has recognized its primary duty to represent horsemen in their quest of doing what they do best, race and race often, under the flag of a real race association, utilizing their own funds and resources and not our race horse development fund (RHDF) as a piggy bank.

What say you members and dear readers? Are you content waiting on the side lines, becoming the next casualty or are you all in with at least 30 racing days in Brockton and possibly a statutory maximum. That reality is within grasp with the MassTHA at the helm.
Sorry, going to go deep on you here.
Where an excess of power prevails, property or opinion of no sort is duly respected. No man is safe in his opinions, his person, his faculties, or his possessions.
A common practice of those defending a possible loss of power and position is to dig deep in the old tool bag and break out the hammers, chisels, trowels and brushes to repair the thin veneer standing between them and their subjects.
Shaping narratives is the first line of defense to deflect questions of competency and commitment. When that doesn’t work, a little stagecraft and a bogeyman is required.
The December 16, 2015 NEHBPA letter outlining it’s inability to secure racing dates with the Suffolk Downs principals is a masterpiece combining both ancient trades. The narrative makes wonderful theater but does little to advance the immediate plight of local horsemen and women now facing an other year of live racing drought in the Commonwealth.
As the curtain rises in 2016 , it appears the audience has rushed the stage, fired the director and invaded the orchestra pit. Bad theater often results in this kind of reaction and no amount of veneer work or stagecraft will prevent the final curtain call before the venue goes dark.
The venue goes dark July 16, 2016, when the sun sets on the HBPA’s ability to negotiate the simulcast signal in exchange for one day of live racing. That’s all that is required, that’s all you will see, if you do not immediately abandon this faux faction and become a member of the fastest growing organization of horsemen and horsewomen in the commonwealth, the MassTHA. Support our majority status and recognition by the Gaming Commission at Brockton. Ensure at least 30 days of live racing. Join a committee. Become a member, help yourself. Maybe, just maybe, when the sun rises on July 17, 2016 you will see your fellow horsemen coming.
“down the stretch”

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